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SwimRVA Meadowbrook is now our official SUPER SCHOOL!  33% more time in the water each lesson!  Check it out …

Group and Private  Swim Lessons

SwimRVA provides lessons for ages 6 months to Adults. These proven, station-based lessons are led by trained aquatic professional SwimRVA coaches. You can choose a group or private setting to maximize your aquatic success.

Autism Swims

Every child deserves to learn how to swim, especially children with autism. This carefully-designed lesson program is a one-on-one autism-specific engagement tool, led by coaches who confidently guide each individual child’s trajectory.

Drownproof Richmond

SwimRVA strives to break barriers of age, race, income and disability to ensure that every person in our area has access to aquatic-based programming. This goal is achieved through water safety, aquatic fitness, and workforce development outreach programs within the greater Richmond region.

SwimRVA Swim School Virtual Training Center

The latest COVID-19 pandemic may be limiting your aquatic opportunities, but don’t let it limit your swim school skills!  SwimRVA is offering a virtual training center to help you stay active, healthy, and fit.  Find videos, articles, and workouts for you to do in your living room.

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