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SwimRVA’s Swim School

SwimRVA offers swim lessons at our facility in Richmond, VA. We are passionate about serving our community and providing resources for individuals to gain confidence in their swimming abilities. Continue reading for more information on our swim lesson programs to find the perfect fit for you or your child.

Swim Lessons in Richmond, VA

We mean it when we say we offer swimming lessons for all ages and levels. In general, we have either group or private lesson options. Check out some of our specialized options below.

Preschool Swim Lessons

Our first age group for swim lessons is preschoolers. It’s never too early to start swim lessons, especially if your child needs to start training for the Olympics!

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Kids Swim Lessons

From elementary through middle school, our kids swimming lessons help children learn basic techniques and strokes to keep them afloat.

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Adult Swim Lessons

Even if you are just now picking up swim lessons as an adult, we applaud you for making the time to learn this vital life skill! Our swim instructors are here to support you the whole way.

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Autism Swims

Every child deserves to learn how to swim, especially children with autism. This carefully-designed lesson program is a one-on-one autism-specific engagement tool, led by coaches who confidently guide each individual child’s trajectory.

Private Swim Lessons

Private lessons are exactly that — private. With one-on-one attention, a student will work with their instructor with the whole pool to themselves.

PUPS-Intro to Masters Swimming

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Our Drownproof Richmond Initiative

SwimRVA strives to break barriers of age, race, income and disability to ensure that every person in our area has access to aquatic-based programming. This goal is achieved through water safety, aquatic fitness and workforce development outreach programs within the greater Richmond region.

Specifically through a partnership with the YMCA of Greater Richmond, SwimRVA is dedicated to our Drownproof Richmond Initiative. Our overall goal is to provide swimming lessons for every second grader in our community. Each second grader in all the schools we work with is able to access 45-minute sessions for seven weeks — completely free of charge.

Benefits of SwimRVA’s Lessons

At SwimRVA, we use seven stations to guide our swim students through a curriculum. Station one will contain more basic techniques while holding onto the wall and will eventually lead you to swimming on your own by station seven. Once a student masters a station, they get to ring the SwimRVA Bell of Success, receiving a joyous response from our swim instructors, other participants and observing parents.

Even in group settings, our program is personalized for each student, so they are continuously building and improving their swimming skills. We foster an immediate advancement strategy through our stations so you can see your progress and stay motivated in a fun environment.

SwimRVA Swim School Virtual Training Center

SwimRVA offers a virtual training center to help you stay active, healthy and fit — all from your living room. Here you will find videos, articles and workouts to help you or your child keep your skills up between lessons.

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Sign Up for Swim Lessons Today!

If you are inspired to take swimming lessons, now is the time to do it! Because of increased interest, be sure to sign up today to be put on our waitlist for any of the following lesson options: