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SwimRVA Meadowbrook is now our official SUPER SCHOOL!  33% more time in the water each lesson.

Group and Private Lessons


We offer a station-based curriculum with immediate advancement. We teach a variety of fundamental skills to every age group, along with the instilling the values of courage, truthfulness, dignity, persistence and success. What they learn at SwimRVA will build confidence that our students can take beyond the pool now and into the future.


If you can’t yet swim, or have only ever acquired the most basic of skills, you are far from alone. Learning to swim at any age is extremely important, perfectly doable and very much encouraged. SwimRVA will give you the proper tools you need to swim as simply, effectively and enjoyably as possible. With our guidance and positivity, you can easily take the leap and become a great example to your kids, your friends and your neighbors.


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Why we’re different

SwimRVA is a perfect combination of group lessons with individual progress. Once a child masters the skill, they progress to the next [station]. They don’t have to wait for the group to pass. I don’t usually respond to ‘testimonial’ requests, but SwimRVA has made a beautiful swimmer out of my son and I truly appreciate the difference…

SwimRVA Swim School parent