The only thing we’re more dedicated to than the water, is you.

SwimRVA is fortunate to have a highly-skilled, experienced team of aquatics leaders from around the Richmond area and around the country. From our front office staff to our water polo coaches, we’re as friendly and welcoming as we are passionate and driven.

Steve Adams

Ryan Allen

Carly Beck

Scott Bennett

Ben Brown

Aponi Brunson

TyAzha Camp

Kirk Chamberlain

Aaron Dugger

Elise Durusu

Brad Flynn

Jacob Henry

Ben James

Alex Jones

Matthew Kannan

Jonathan Kaplan

Debbie Kelo, Ph.D.

Adam Kennedy

Danielle M

Jennifer Merritt

Ryan Miller

Shane Morison

Ashley Natonski

Andrew Otto

Jay Peluso

Blake Proffitt

Jessica Sheafer

Raymond Valdez

Breagan Wallin

Jacob Wallin

Maia Weaver

Kim Wiiki

Jason Wilkins

Wesley Wilson

Anthony Zoldork