An image of swirling water and a shark within representing the Hammer heads program at Swim Richmond


The SwimRVA PUPS program is designed to start you from scratch and ease you into a comprehensive swim program and get you ready for the more endurance based practices of the main SwimRVA Hammerheads pool program OR to train on your own.  This 6-week program meets twice per week and is coached by our talented and experienced beginners coaching squad.  Learn the following:

Once finished with the PUPS program, you will BE and, more importantly, FEEL ready to take the next step in your swim training


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I was nervous at first. Now I can't wait to get back to the pool every week! The coaches are so encouraging and the other members are fun to be around. I am looking forward to becoming a better swimmer so I can smoke the rest of the competition in my first leg of triathlons!

SwimRVA Hammerhead team player