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Our Running University Swimming for Runners

The key to improving your running performance on land, is to first start in the water.

As more and more people seek to improve their running performance through road training, we understand better than ever the physical toll it can take on the body. Running University offers a specialized suite of programs that enhance long-term fitness and reduce running-related injuries. Whether you are a serious runner training for multiple marathons a year, a recreational runner just trying to stay fit, or a cardio junkie looking for something different, Running University has the program for you. It’s perfect for cross-fitters, cross country teams, marathon training teams, Sports Teams/Clubs, Tri-athlon training teams, and Fire and Police Training Academies.


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Why we’re different

If you’re a runner, it is a great option to add to your training regimen – especially if you are recovering from an injury associated with running.

Steve Barsamian