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SwimRVA’s Fitness Classes in Richmond, VA

At SwimRVA, we promote your health in the water, on land and for life.

Through SwimRVA’s health and wellness for adults and seniors, we offer a multi-faceted selection of programs designed to build your physical, emotional, social and intellectual health in a supportive, goal-oriented environment. That means training, consultation, support groups and over 70 weekly water- and land-based group fitness classes available to you year-round.

These classes are all led by experienced, passionate staff that work together to increase fitness and socialization for adults and seniors while decreasing the risk of injury, disability and disease. SwimRVA can help you — and the entire community — enjoy and improve your quality of life for the long term.

Our Popular Aquatic Fitness Classes

SwimRVA hosts over 70 aquatic fitness classes, ranging in difficulty levels and muscle group focuses. Here are some of our more popular classes:


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Our Specialized Swim and Wellness Layout

SwimRVA has a water class to fit every age group’s abilities, from children to seniors. To ensure a class fits your or your fitness level, be sure to check its intensity zone before signing up:

SwimRVA’s Virtual Wellness Center

SwimRVA offers a virtual wellness center for adults and seniors to help you stay active, healthy and fit from home. Find videos, articles and workouts for you to do in your living room.

Why We’re Different

Take Charge of Your Health With SwimRVA Fitness Classes

All our water fitness classes are free with a membership or pass to the SwimRVA facility. Pass types and prices can vary depending on your age group. Visit SwimRVA to get your pass or membership and sign up for a class. We’ll see you at our next session!

I am pain free, the instructors especially Chase and Lawrence are such a blessing in my life. They motivate, coach and encourage me to be all that I can be and that I am only competing with my performance from yesterday. If a day is particularly more challenging (like when I came back jet-lagged from a Missions trip) they worked me through that to just do my best and helped me. I never thought I would see the day I could exercise at this level and certainly not three hours at a time. I really never thought I would be able to do anything but the underwater treadmill ever again.

Sheri Guill, Wellness Participant and member of the Senior Wellness Advisory Board