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How IT Works - Our Classes

Heres an example of just a few of the 70 different fitness classes SwimRVA offers:

Aquasize is a form of water aerobics where you do aerobic activity in a pool while using equipment such as foam dumbbells or noodles. Aquasize has little impact due to the buoyancy of the water, which provides the perfect medium for those looking to avoid high-impact activity.

Zumba is an interval-style dance fitness party that combines low-intensity and high-intensity moves. You’ll burn many calories as you move to the rhythm of Latin-inspired dance moves. The best part is that it doesn’t even feel like exercise!

Chair Exercise Class
In this type of physical activity, the individual completes the activity while seated in a wheelchair, desk chair, or any other type of chair. This allows those with mobility or balance issues to exercise and alleviates pressure from the lower body for those who are in pain.

HIIT Circuit
HIIT is a full-body workout. The class is a rigorous interval training sequence with high-intensity exercises. It builds cardiovascular fitness while improving muscular strength and endurance. People are challenged to push to their limits and walk out feeling strong.

Pilates is a low-impact exercise comprising controlled movements that enhance your balance, core strength, mobility, flexibility, and even mood. It focuses on the smaller and deeper muscles that support your structure and enhance your overall health.

How IT Works - Zones

At SwimRVA, our exercise classes are divided into four Zones depending on their level of intensity. Here is the breakdown:

Zone 1
You are able to have a conversation with someone

Zone 2
A little harder to have a conversation

Zone 3
You are working hard and breathing hard

Zone 4
Extremely hard, you are never in it for more than 20 seconds.

How IT Works - Therapy Pool

SwimRVA’s therapy pool is a state-of-the-art, therapeutic shallow water pool bay outfitted with four underwater treadmills. This space is perfect for those individuals suffering from joint pain, muscle cramps, or the need for a blessed gravity environment. This is the perfect way to get cardio exercises done with the added pressure of gravity removed from the process

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