Swim for it.


July 17, 24, 29 or Aug 12 from 6-7pm

Our Aquatic Center in Richmond, VA

As long as half of the U.S. population doesn’t know how to swim, as long we remember that obstacles are only a matter of perception, and as long as there are good swimmers with the passion to become better ones, we’ll be here. Our Richmond swimming centers and aquatic programs make water water safety and aquatic fitness accessible for all.

Our mission as a non-profit is to change lives through aquatics — we do that with programs designed to empower every kind of swimmer, now and for life. Among our most popular programs is our swim school, offering group or private lessons for swimmers of all ages.

Dive In

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Swim for Safety

Drowning is the leading cause of death in children one to four years of age and those with autism spectrum disorder. Additionally, 64% of African Americans and 79% of youth from low-income families do not know how to swim. The startling statistics go on and on — but they don’t have to. With SwimRVA’s water safety and learn-to-swim programs, we’re changing the Richmond region’s relationship with water.

Swim for Health

At SwimRVA, we are passionate about building cardio capacity, muscle tone, flexibility and the self-confidence that comes from pushing one’s ability in our supportive atmosphere.

We help swimmers of all ages maximize their movement through the following aquatic programs:

  • Adult swim team: SwimRVA also has an adult swim team to aid both beginners and experienced swimmers in their technique and endurance. If you’re ready to challenge yourself, the SwimRVA Hammerheads program has it all.
  • Camps: If you’re looking for ways for your child to get involved this summer, have them join our camps! This program keeps kids active and healthy through several different activities that spark creativity and fun.
  • Running University: Running endurance on land begins in the water. SwimRVA offers swim workouts designed for any running level to increase stamina while decreasing the impact on their joints.

Swim for Sport

The more access people have to swimming facilities and programs, the more confident they become in the water. Once individuals become confident, advanced and ambitious, we can build real economic momentum through attracting regional competitions and events to Richmond. Our $7 million annual economic impact goal is just another example of how aquatics improve the community and power our region beyond just the pool.

Here are a few ways you or your child can get involved:

  • Swim team: If your child craves some friendly competition, sign them up for our swim team. The SwimRVA Rapids team is constantly growing, so reserve a spot as soon as possible!
  • Water polo: For any young person looking to pick up a new sport, join our water polo team — one of two in Virginia. We use this team as an opportunity to teach young people essential work ethic skills that will best prepare them for their future.
  • Artistic swimming: Artistic swimming — or, as many know it, synchronized swimming — is an active way for your child to express their creativity. We teach breath control, endurance and body positioning for fun routines.

Our Drownproof Richmond Initiative

SwimRVA exists to increase water safety awareness across the Richmond area. Over the years, we have invested in our incredible community, teaching swim lessons and inching closer to our Drownproof Richmond initiative. Together with the YMCA of Greater Richmond, we provide every second grader in our community the opportunity to learn how to swim.

Get Connected With SwimRVA

If you or your child are ready to take the next step to becoming a better swimmer, reach out to SwimRVA today. We look forward to helping you get involved in our swim family!

Apr 13

SwimRVA Rapids Summer League Preseason Clinics

Summer Camp July 15-19, 2024 North