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SwimRVA’s Lifeguard Training and Certification in Richmond, VA

For a community to empower itself through aquatics, it first has to feel safe in the water — and safety starts with lifeguards. At SwimRVA, we teach future lifeguards to create and maintain safe environments for swimmers of all ability levels, creating more opportunity and access for everyone. We offer certification courses throughout the year.

We’ve also begun a groundbreaking workforce development initiative called Swim For Life. Designed to provide high school students with the skills and qualifications necessary to gain employment as a lifeguard, these free, credit-bearing courses give them the chance to become aquatically accomplished while directly making their city a safer place. When these students commit to instilling a sense of safety and courage within themselves, that spirit spreads, setting an example for health and well-being across entire communities. As this highly valuable program continues to grow, check back for more information on its positive impact.

What Lifeguard Certification Classes We Offer

SwimRVA is a one-stop shop for all lifeguard and safety education. Whatever certification you need, we are likely to have it! Specifically, we offer:


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Lifeguard Training Scheduling and Prices

We offer training courses throughout the year at different times. Be sure to check out the class you wish to take and secure a spot as soon as possible for a date that works for you.

Our training prices can vary depending on the class you sign up for. Extra fees are possible if you change class times or cancel late.

Why We’re Different

Sign Up for SwimRVA Safety School

Along with our Swim For Life Program, SwimRVA continues to take the initiative to make Richmond a safer place, especially in the water. You can help this initiative by signing up for one of our safety school courses, whether it’s lifeguarding or CPR certifications. The more we educate our community on safety techniques, the more our community can continue growing and thriving.

If you are interested in taking a course, you can register through ClubAutomation today! We are excited to see you at our next session.

The SwimRVA Safety School is a well-structured program that focuses on the necessary skills needed for water safety. The instructor really makes a positive impact while teaching water safety with his positive and energetic attitude. This allowed me to learn all the skills needed for water safety in a fun and focused manner.

Nick Haas, former student & SwimRVA Lifeguard