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SwimRVA’s Water Polo in Richmond, VA

Can’t decide between soccer, rugby, wrestling or swimming? With the newest Olympic sport to come to Richmond, your child doesn’t have to.

SwimRVA Water Polo is the first youth USA Water Polo club in the region and just the second in the state of Virginia. We emphasize toughness, health, hard work, positivity, and social skills while readying players for the NCAA and beyond.

SwimRVA Water Polo Virtual Training Center

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Why we’re different

Since we’re open to any young person in the area, we’re truly Richmond’s youth water polo team. Go Rapids!

Koji made friends with teammates of all ages from elementary, middle, and high school as they all practice together. My son was not the fastest swimmer when he started but he developed both speed and endurance, and now he can tread water with his hands up in 7’7” deep water for who knows how long!? Not only did his Water Polo skills improve but we noticed he can now throw a football a lot further when he plays in the backyard due to the conditioning and practice he gets in Water Polo with his throwing arm.

Hitomi Wood, Koji’s mother