Do I have to be a runner to participate in the SwimRVA Running University program?

No. The program is designed for anyone looking to improve their lower body strength and cardiovascular system while avoiding high impact workouts that you would find on land. We see a variety of people wanting to better their overall health and wellness including teenagers, adults and seniors.

Do I have to be injured?

Aqua-running is a great method to help speed up the heeling process from an injury. However, it should also be used as part of your workout regimen. It is a great way to prevent shin splints, stress fractures and other running related injuries before they happen.

Do I have to know how to swim?

No. SwimRVA provides floatation belts to keep you upright in our state-of-the-art Olympic pool. In general, knowing how to swim is important, however. If you’re interested in our adult lessons, visit our Swim School to learn more. [that text should link to the Swim School > Group and Private lessons home page]

Do you offer land and water classes?

Yes, the SwimRVA Running University programs includes aqua-running and Pilates.

Is there a specific sign-up fee for Running University?

No. This program and the classes come with whichever general SwimRVA pass you choose, from 1-day to 10-visit to monthly.