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Aqua Running

A training method common among elite track and field competitors reducing the impact forces felt from pounding the pavement on a routine basis, allowing athletes to maintain their fitness through challenging endurance workouts in a deep water, zero-impact environment with added resistance from the water. Improve your fitness, V02 max, and lactate threshold without risking injury. Visit our Details section for more information.

All times are subject to change

6:45-7:45 AM6:45-7:45 AM
6:00-6:45 PM6:00-6:45PM


There are several ways you can pay for these classes: they are included in your monthly facility membership or you can pay a day pass each time you come or even purchase a 10-visit pass (which is 10 visits to the facility and never expires).

Visit our Passes page to get started.

Payment for SwimRVA Running University is set up as an auto debit on the 1st of each month. Participants can elect to start anytime during the month. The price is prorated for the remainder for the current month and the participant will be billed a full month on the first of the following month of registration. You much register with a credit card or through an electronic funds transfer (EFT).

Participants must give written notice (forms available at the front desk), 14 days prior to the month they intend to withdraw.