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SwimRVA’s Preschool Swim Lessons

Help your child build their swimming skills and acclimation to water early on with SwimRVA’s swimming classes for preschoolers. These lessons are for kids 3 to 5 years old and are focused on helping your preschooler become a confident and independent swimmer.

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At SwimRVA, our comprehensive swim lessons are designed to help your child build foundational swimming skills as well as enhance their overall confidence in the water.


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Schedule of Our Preschool Swim Lessons

SwimRVA operates in three locations throughout the Richmond area: SwimRVA-CSAC at the Collegiate School Aquatics Center, SwimRVA-Church Hill at the Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club and SwimRVA-Meadowbrook at the Meadowbrook Country Club.

You can enroll your child in preschool swim lessons at any of our three locations:

If you prefer to have your child learn how to swim during private lessons, we offer one-on-one and semi-private lessons. When you sign up for private classes, you’ll choose a time slot, and your child will have their lessons on the same day and time every week.

Why We’re Different

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Prepare your preschool-aged children for swimming and staying safe in the water by enrolling them in swimming lessons at SwimRVA. Our instructors are ready to help your child become a confident swimmer. Learn more about our preschool swim lessons when you sign up for classes today!

When it comes to swim lessons, our family is a bit high maintenance. Inevitably, one of our littles (or both) [has] a hard time getting started, or staying in the pool, or staying on the wall. Every instructor we've encountered has been patient and awesome.

SwimRVA Swim School parent