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SwimRVA’s Kids Swim Lessons

Swimming is a necessary, life-saving skill that every person needs to learn. Ensure your kids know how to swim and stay safe in the water by enrolling them in youth swimming lessons at SwimRVA. Our classes will teach your kids the fundamentals while helping them become confident swimmers. Help your kids learn the values of courage, persistence, success, dignity and truthfulness while they learn how to swim with SwimRVA.

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At SwimRVA, our comprehensive swimming curriculum involves more than just teaching kids how to swim.


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Schedule of Our Swim Lessons for Kids

SwimRVA has three locations in the Richmond area. You can sign up for kids swimming classes at SwimRVA-CSAC at the Collegiate School Aquatics Center, SwimRVA-Church Hill or SwimRVA-Meadowbrook at the Meadowbrook Country Club.


At our SwimRVA-CSAC location, you have several class times to choose from. Classes happen Mondays through Thursdays at:

SwimRVA-Church Hill

Youth classes occur Mondays through Thursdays at 5:35–6:05 p.m. at the Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club.


If you want your child to participate in longer, 40-minute swim classes, join the Super School program at SwimRVA-Meadowbrook. Swim lessons for kids are Mondays through Thursdays at:

See the full schedule of all lessons. You can also enroll in private lessons during specific time slots that work best for your schedule.

Why We’re Different

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Are you ready to help your school-aged kids become strong and confident swimmers? SwimRVA is here to help. Our youth swimming lessons break the curriculum into stations to provide an individualized approach to every child’s skills and learning. Sign your kid up for SwimRVA today!

SwimRVA is a perfect combination of group lessons with individual progress. Once a child masters the skill, they progress to the next [station]. They don’t have to wait for the group to pass. I don’t usually respond to ‘testimonial’ requests, but SwimRVA has made a beautiful swimmer out of my son and I truly appreciate the difference…

SwimRVA Swim School parent