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SwimRVA Meadowbrook is now our official SUPER SCHOOL!  33% more time in the water each lesson.

SwimRVA’s Private Swim Lessons

Knowing how to swim is a valuable and life-saving ability. At SwimRVA, we offer private swim lessons for adults and children so you can master swimming skills at your own pace.

Private or Semi-Private Lessons for Adults

You’re never too old to learn how to swim, and SwimRVA is ready to help you feel confident in the water. Consider these reasons for scheduling private swim lessons:

Private or Semi-Private Lessons for Kids

The station curriculum we follow is especially helpful in our private swim lessons for kids. This step-by-step process is easy for kids to understand and catch onto. It’s also a form of a reward system — as kids achieve one station, they are more motivated to take on the next.

Some additional reasons you should consider private swim lessons for your kids include:


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Pricing for SwimRVA Lessons

Our prices for private or semi-private lessons can vary depending on your individual schedule needs. Monthly prices include at least one 30-minute lesson per week, for a total of four lessons per month.

Why We’re Different

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Our team at SwimRVA is happy to help you reach your goals through our immediate advancement program. Fill out our private lessons form to be put on our waitlist today!

SwimRVA is a perfect combination of group lessons with individual progress. Once a child masters the skill, they progress to the next [station]. They don’t have to wait for the group to pass. I don’t usually respond to ‘testimonial’ requests, but SwimRVA has made a beautiful swimmer out of my son and I truly appreciate the difference…

SwimRVA Swim School parent