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SwimRVA Swim School Virtual Training Center

SwimRVA Swim School’s virtual training center offers videos, articles and related links to help you stay active and working on your swimming skills.

At Home Exercises

Use these fun at-home exercises and practice what you have learned in class.  Or get ready for your next station!


  1. SwimRVA Swim School Re-Cap and Shout-Outs
  2. Tips For Practicing Station 4 Skills
  3. SwimRVA’s Mission Based Learn-To-Swim Program


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Wellness Workouts for Mom and Dad:

Check out these workouts from our Virtual Wellness Center:

Front Core with Kimi:

Classes with Lawrence:

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SwimRVA is a perfect combination of group lessons with individual progress. Once a child masters the skill, they progress to the next [station]. They don’t have to wait for the group to pass. I don’t usually respond to ‘testimonial’ requests, but SwimRVA has made a beautiful swimmer out of my son and I truly appreciate the difference…

SwimRVA Swim School parent