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SwimRVA’s Specialized Autism Swim Lessons

Drowning is one of the primary causes of death in children with autism. This is because many children with autism experience something called “elopement” — or a tendency to wander off. When this happens while unsupervised, this can put them in danger, especially around large bodies of water. At SwimRVA, we can teach your child to swim and prevent this danger with our autism-specific swim lessons.

How Our Swim Lessons Work

Our autism swimming classes are specifically designed for children with autism. We are passionate about providing these children with opportunities for advancement and achievement — even offering the reward of ringing the Bell of Success after graduating to the next station.

Here are some reasons why the structure of our swim classes stands out:


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Why We’re Different

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Emily struggles every day to fit in with her classmates. She started taking lessons in the SwimRVA Autism Swims program the week before her school, Jacobs Road Elementary, started coming for their Learn to Swim program. On the first day of Learn-to-Swim (LTS), Emily was confident enough to get in the pool with her peers and was successful in a group setting. The following week, Emily passed Station 1. Mom said if it weren't for SwimRVA Autism Swims, which Emily is excited to attend each week, she wouldn't have been successful in the LTS program. When asked what her favorite day of the week is, she said, "Swimming Day." Which now because of our Learn to Swim program, happens twice for this exceptional young lady.