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Aquatics are for everyone. Especially Children with Autism.

Water is a major source of stimulation for children with autism, who are instinctively driven by their senses and impulses. Unfortunately, the National Autism Society reports that 90% of all deaths in children with autism are due to drowning, making it their number one cause of death. That’s why proper swim instruction is so critical. It can turn a dangerous relationship with water into a positive, therapeutic one that lasts a lifetime. Our instructors are all trained in ASD and know how to create calm, confidence-building experiences.


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Why we’re different

Emily struggles every day to fit in with her classmates. She started taking lessons in the SwimRVA Autism Swims program the week before her school, Jacobs Road Elementary, started coming for their Learn to Swim program. On the first day of Learn-to-Swim (LTS), Emily was confident enough to get in the pool with her peers and was successful in a group setting. The following week, Emily passed Station 1. Mom said if it weren't for SwimRVA Autism Swims, which Emily is excited to attend each week, she wouldn't have been successful in the LTS program. When asked what her favorite day of the week is, she said, "Swimming Day." Which now because of our Learn to Swim program, happens twice for this exceptional young lady.