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SwimRVA’s Adult Swim Lessons

Whether you know the basics but want to become a stronger swimmer or are new to swimming, SwimRVA is here for you. SwimRVA offers swim lessons for adults that emphasize proper techniques while helping everyone have fun in the water while staying safe.

Why Learn to Swim as an Adult

One of the many great things about swimming is you can learn how to swim or improve your existing skills at any age. Besides your own safety in the water, taking adult swim lessons offers many other benefits like building confidence, emphasizing the importance of water safety for your family and improving mental health.

Our swim lessons follow a seven-station water safety course for beginner swimmers. Each module focuses on developing a specific skill so swimmers can learn and execute it confidently. Once students have mastered one station, they immediately move on to the next and start learning and practicing a new skill. With our seven-station curriculum, swimmers can begin building on skills right away instead of having to wait for the next class.


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Schedule of Our Swim Lessons for Adults

SwimRVA offers private and group swim classes for adults. In either of the classes, you’ll work with a swim instructor who is dedicated to helping you succeed in the water. Our instructors have experience teaching adults how to swim, and they take the time to review every step with you and ensure you feel safe during your lessons.

You can sign up for classes at any of our three locations:

See the full schedule of all lessons. If you take private classes, you’ll sign up for an available time slot. All pools are indoors or covered, allowing adult swim lessons to happen year-round.

Why We’re Different

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Strengthen your swimming skills or begin developing them with SwimRVA. Our team is ready to help you become a strong swimmer so you can feel more confident and stay safe while in the water. Learn more about our adult swim lessons in and around Richmond by completing our swim school interest form today!

The staff is always supportive and helpful to you. If you have a question, ask and they'll be super helpful and talk with you and help you with whatever question or issue you have. Signed up for the swim lessons and they are extremely supportive of the adult students. Working with everyone and customizing the lessons to work and help everyone in their areas they need to improve on.

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