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Senior Fitness Classes

When we say we have fitness classes for all ages, we mean it. SwimRVA offers senior-level fitness classes that allow older adults to maintain their health in a fun and social environment.

Importance of Water Fitness Classes for Seniors

Our joints can get stiff as we age, and bones can become more brittle. This can make it hard for seniors to stay active — but not moving at all can make things worse.

Of all the fitness classes out there, water-based classes are best for seniors because they are:

Our Land and Aquatic Classes for Seniors

SwimRVA offers over 70 fitness classes at various levels of intensity. Each of our classes falls under a certain zone, from one to four — zone one being mild intensity and zone four being the most challenging.

In our large variety of classes, we have some directed toward seniors — both low-impact in the water and on land. Some of our most popular options include:


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Virtual Senior Fitness Classes From SwimRVA

SwimRVA offers an array of pre-recorded virtual classes online for seniors to maintain their fitness from home. This allows you to do workouts at your own pace or to stay fit if you miss a class while on vacation. These exercises use minimal equipment — if any at all — and it’s mostly modifiable to use items from around your house.

Scheduling and Pricing for Our Senior Fitness Classes

We offer various classes all day, every weekday. For some of our most popular classes, we offer them more than once a day. For example, our aquacise class meets twice a day — morning and evening — on Mondays and Wednesdays.

All our senior fitness classes are free with a daily or monthly pass to the SwimRVA facility. We have passes for a single visit, 10 visits or per month. With SwimRVA, there are no starting fees, contracts or cancellation fees, so you can attend our classes on your own schedule.

Sign Up for a Senior Pass Today!

SwimRVA is passionate about making our community a connectable and safe place to live. With our fitness classes for seniors, we adhere to a prominent age group in our community — after all, you are never too old to try out a new hobby! Be an actionable part of our initiative and sign up for a senior SwimRVA pass to access all available fitness classes today. We look forward to seeing you here soon!

I am pain free, the instructors especially Chase and Lawrence are such a blessing in my life. They motivate, coach and encourage me to be all that I can be and that I am only competing with my performance from yesterday. If a day is particularly more challenging (like when I came back jet-lagged from a Missions trip) they worked me through that to just do my best and helped me. I never thought I would see the day I could exercise at this level and certainly not three hours at a time. I really never thought I would be able to do anything but the underwater treadmill ever again.

Sheri Guill, Wellness Participant and member of the Senior Wellness Advisory Board