An image of swirling water and a shark within representing the Hammer heads program at Swim Richmond

Winter Open Water Training

The SwimRVA Hammerheads are more than just swimming in a pool.  Our program will get you out into open water for unique workouts and training opportunities.  During the cold winter months we utilize our all-deep, 50 meter pool and set a buoyed course and work on all aspects of open water swimming.


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Why we’re Different?:

I am a triathlete and swimming has always been my worst event. These open water clinics, along with a couple private lessons, really got me prepared for my first Ironman! When I got to the event they had to cancel the water portion! I was pretty bummed because I had worked so hard. So, I went to the local gym and swam anyways before the race. It was my personal best!

SwimRVA Hammerhead team player