An image of swirling water and a shark within representing the Hammer heads program at Swim Richmond

WINTER Open Water Training Program

  • With SwimRVA’s all-deep 50m pool we set a buoyed course and work on all aspects of open water swimming.  We simulate an open water experience in the comfort and safety of a pool setting.
  • The program progresses over the course of 11 weeks where we work on open water skills, endurance, and technique.  Due to the open water setting, we can adjust the workout for nearly any level swimmer.
  • $199 for non-members (FREE for all Hammerhead members)
Day2024 DatesTimeLocation
SundayJan 7, 149-10aSwimRVA-CSAC
SundayFeb 4, 11, 189-10aSwimRVA-CSAC
SundayMar 10, 179-10aSwimRVA-CSAC
SundayApril 14, 289-10aSwimRVA-CSAC
SundayApril 21 & May 59-11aRobius Landing-Open Water


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