An image of swirling water and a shark within representing the Hammer heads program at Swim Richmond

How good of a swimmer do I need to be to participate?

You should be able to comfortably swim 100-meters without stopping before joining the Winter Open Water Program.

Is the pool really all-deep? How do I get out?

The entire pool is 7′ 7″.  Because there is no lane ropes for the W.O.W. Program it is easy to swim to the side and use a ladder to get out.

What is the water temperature in the pool?

The water in the competition pool is kept at 79-degrees.

How does the $50 discount work for the SwimRVA 10K Challenge if I participate in the W.O.W. program?

Once you are enrolled in the program you will be sent a discount code to use when you register for the SwimRVA 10K Challenge.  You may only use one code per team.

What equipment should I bring to the SwimRVA Hammerheads program?

To get the most out of your workouts we recommend purchasing goggles, fins, a pull bouy and paddles which you should bring to every practice.  You can purchase SwimRVA Hammerheads recommended equipment through our online store for delivery to your door.

What is your inclement weather policy?

In the event we have predicted inclement weather we will make a cancellation determination no later than 1-hour prior to the workout that day of the swim.  We will post on our Facebook page.  If there is no notice posted, the swim will be held as scheduled.

What is the current open water condition?

Please check out the RIVER LEVEL and the RIVER TEMPERATURE.

I don't understand all of the terms that the coaches are using during training. What do they all mean?

Please also take a look at our Glossary of Drills, Terms and Abbreviations before coming to your first practice.  This will make your experience with the program much more enjoyable and will help in your discussions with the coaches.