Setting Goals for Your Healthiest and Happiest Year Yet

January 15, 2021 Posted by SwimRVA

The beginning of the year is my favorite time to plan for the future. As we transition into winter and the days grow colder, we tend to instinctually draw inwards. It is not a coincidence that so many people set New Year’s Resolutions, because a new calendar year is a great opportunity to mark the beginning of a new chapter.

While helpful in theory, “Resolutions” are not always an effective way of manifesting success. Resolutions tend to be open-ended ideas without systems of accountability, which makes them hard to measure, evaluate, and maintain. Many people find themselves falling off the wagon, or simply abandoning their resolutions only a few months into the New Year.

But where Resolutions fall short, Goal Setting shines. Like a roadmap, effective goals will not only guide you to your destination, but help you to navigate all of the twists and turns along the way. Through SwimRVA Health & Wellness, we offer a multi-faceted selection of programs designed to build your physical, emotional, social, and intellectual health in a supportive, goal-oriented environment.  

My Favorite Tips for setting Effective Goals

Goal Setting can be a rewarding practice in reflecting on the past, building priorities for the future, and creating a system of self-accountability. By recording your progress over time, you will build a story of personal success to revisit and reflect upon for years to come.

If you are interested in Goal Setting but don’t know where to start, a Wellness Consultation is a great opportunity. During our session we will assess where you are, and map a path for your future success. Learn about what Wellness classes SwimRVA has to offer that are ideal for your fitness level. 

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