General Summer Camps

These well-rounded summer camps are perfect for kids ages 6 to 12. Visit our Details section for more information.

Summer Camp Session 1June 15-June 19, 2020Monday-Friday8:00AM-5:00PM$219
Summer Camp Session 2June 22-June 26, 2020Monday-Friday8:00AM-5:00PM$219
Summer Camp Session 3June 29-July 3, 2020Monday-Friday8:00AM-5:00PM$219
Summer Camp Session 4July 6-July 10, 2020Monday-Friday8:00AM-5:00PM$219
Summer Camp Session 5July 13-July 17, 2020Monday-Friday8:00AM-5:00PM$219
Summer Camp Session 6July 20-July 24, 2020Monday-Friday8:00AM-5:00PM$219
Summer Camp Session 7July 27-July 31, 2020Monday-Friday8:00AM-5:00PM$219
Summer Camp Session 8August 3-August 7, 2020Monday-Friday8:00AM-5:00PM$219
Summer Camp Session 9August 10-August 14, 2020Monday-Friday8:00AM-5:00PM$219


Specialty Summer Camps


Strokes and Turns Camps

A specialty skill camp is open to everyone that is currently on a swim team, summer league swim team or have had formal swim lessons and can perform all four strokes. Visit our Details section for more information.

Strokes and Turns - Summer Session 2July 6-10, 2020Monday-Friday8:00AM-5:00PM$219
Strokes and Turns - Summer Session 3Aug 3-7, 2020Monday-Friday8:00AM-5:00PM$219


Junior Lifeguarding Camps

Become a lifesaver. Literally. Participants must attend both weeks of camp to earn CPR/First Aid Certification. Visit our Details section for more information.

Jr. Lifeguarding - Session 1Jun 15-19, 2020Monday-Friday8:00AM-5:00PM$219
Jr. Lifeguarding - Session 2Jun 22-26, 2020Monday-Friday8:00AM-5:00PM$219


Water Sports Camp

Geared toward older kids, this action-packed camp features a different activity each day (water polo, kayaking, synchro swimming, paddle boards, log rolling) in addition to 1-2 swim lessons/practice per day. And to keep everyone from turning into a waterlogged prune, we also add in some outdoor time each day as well. Visit our Details section for more information.

Water Camp - Session 4July 13-17, 2020Monday-Friday8:00AM-5:00PM$219


High Performance Camp

Dedicated to helping swimmers with at least one season of competitive experience master the four key competitive strokes. Children from age 10 to 18 are welcome and will receive training tailored to their level. In addition to in-pool work, this program is also designed to offer land exercise and games, classroom discussions, and even visiting clinicians who will share their expertise on training physiology, goal-setting, nutrition, race strategy and more. Visit our Details section for more information.

High Performance Session 3Aug 17-21, 2019Monday-Friday8:00AM-5:00PM$219


Mermaid Camp

An extremely fun camp that combines swimming with imagination. Kids will splash into a magical underwater kingdom with their own actual mermaid tail! Mermaid-themed games and crafts will also fuel our campers’ creativity and wonder. Participants must be part of the SwimRVA Rapids Swim Team and/or have swim skills equivalent to SwimRVA Swim School Station 7.


Water Polo Camp

Do you like soccer, swimming, basketball and hockey? What if you could combine all of them? The Water Polo camp if your introduction into the wild world of water polo!

Water Polo Camp Session 1Aug 17 - 21, 2020Monday-Friday8:00 AM - 5:00 PM$219