How do I sign up my child up for SwimRVA summer camp?

Visit SwimRVA or simply call us at 804-271-8271 to get started.

What is the cancellation policy?

Two weeks written notice is required to cancel registration for a selected session.

What should my child wear/bring?

Swimsuit, towel, goggles, sunscreen, water bottle, wear sneakers, lunch, and a bag for wet clothes. Please prominently label all items with child’s name.

What is the camper to counselor ratio?


What activities will my child participate in?

Depending on what you sign up for, they might be doing any of the following: swim lessons, log rolling, splash ball/water polo, safety school, junior lifeguarding, fitness, crafts, and nutrition education.

What if a camper wants to come home mid-week?

They may withdraw from the camp, but there will not be any pro-rated refunds.

May my child and I visit the camp first to see if we like it?

Of course! Just give us a call to arrange a visit.

Does SwimRVA provide lunch or snacks?

We provide a morning and afternoon snack.

How do I drop off and pick up my child?

The child’s parent/guardian must sign the child in and out. This is done in the Community Room.

What if my child gets sick or injured?

SwimRVA will notify the parent(s)/guardian(s) of any situation that may occur and the child will need to be picked up as soon as possible thereafter.

If I have questions or need to contact my child, who should I contact?

Just call the SwimRVA front desk at 804-271-8271

Will there be a make-up day if my child has to miss a class?

Unfortunately we cannot provide make-up days.

What are the benefits of your camps?

Depending on the camp you sign up for, your child may learn specific swimming skills, life-saving skills, and lifelong fitness tools in a fun, adventuresome, educational atmosphere.

How will the camp screen visitors?

All visitors must check in at front desk

How will the camp handle emergencies?

SwimRVA agrees to notify the parent(s)/guardian(s) whenever the child becomes ill and the parent/guardian will arrange to have the child picked up as soon as possible if so requested by SwimRVA.
The parent/guardian authorizes SwimRVA to obtain immediate medical care if an emergency occurs when the parent/guardian cannot be located immediately.