The Wellness Wake-Up Call that Mrs. White Needed

November 30, 2018 Posted by SwimRVA

Author: Benjamin Harrell

Thank you to Theresa White for submitting your story to SwimRVA, about the wake-up call that has changed your life for the better!

(Story based on verbal and written quotes from Theresa White.)

Theresa, a baker since 21, was at risk for several health issues.

“Hello everyone. My name is Theresa White, a 66 year old lover of baking who did more eating than tasting, and more tasting than testing.”

“I got so caught up in the joy on the faces of those who enjoyed sharing them[baked goods], forgetting about balance and ignoring the old saying, ‘too much of anything.’”

“Of course, not being mindful of the hidden addiction of sugar, I got busted by sugar addiction, diabetes, high pressure, injured meniscus, and obesity. Diabetes locked in my blood sugar numbers at 300, high pressure was 169/80+. An old injury of my left meniscus that forced bad balance and made using stairways quite an issue at 5’7″ and 308 lbs.”

“After fighting sugar addiction for several years, the greatness of He in me showed up. The favor of God, an excellent aquatic facility, and a major change in my eating habits.

Theresa knew about SwimRVA for two years before making a commitment to her health.

“I came in efforts to lose weight and better my health at that time. But of course I fell off the bandwagon continuously. Multiple times I fell off and just laid there and wallowed. So this time, because my health was a little more serious I tried to be a little more serious about being in attendance.”

Theresa said her stronger commitment came from a dream turned calling. “At that time my mother had passed for maybe 16 years, and never had I ever dreamed of her. One particular Friday night I had dream that my mother had come to the house and asked me to come with her.”

“I said, ‘Oh no Mother, I’m not ready to come with you!’ I took that dream to mean that if I didn’t get my health together, I would be coming with her.”

That Sunday saw program on the television that covered all the issues surrounding her health.

“After the program I said ‘Lord if you’re speaking to me to confirm that I need to get serous about my health, please keep it on my mind,’ and sure enough, it stayed on my mind for the whole week.”

“Four months later, after 6-7 days of exercise a week at SwimRVA, I’ve won the victory of regulated blood sugar with 117/60 mm-Hg. I saw with renewed strength and confidence in my balance and the endurance of my walk and my activities. And oh amazing, a loss of 50 lbs since June 2018.”

Theresa credits the facility for the right tools to begin, and also credits the Wellness community with pushing her to continue.

“Why did I choose SwimRVA? I love the water. [SwimRVA] is the only pool that I know of with a treadmill underwater. Two unique elements – an underwater treadmill and a magnificent heated pool with 95 degree temperature – brought healing to my mind, body and soul. 90% of my body weight didn’t exist in the water, making it easier to move around.”

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“An extended family that encourages and pushes each other forward, SwimRVA has impressed upon me an urgency to press forward and schedule my wellness, because everything that wants to block you and steal your time will schedule itself for you.”

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