SwimRVA Rapids Program: Giving Tuesday

November 01, 2021 Posted by SwimRVA

Here at SwimRVA, we believe that every child should have access to aquatic sports. The SwimRVA Rapids is a growing USA Swimming Team that not only focuses on developing swimming skills and techniques but on teaching general life skills as well.

The SwimRVA Rapids participate in many events throughout their seasons, the most exciting being the multitude of swim meets that they participate in. There are daily practices, which are optional in order to allow for swimmers to choose the schedule that works best for them, in a low-stress environment. The kids are gaining not only the skills that they need to be successful swimmers but also building relationships with their peers and coaches that will assist them in their personal development.

When you support SwimRVA, everyone on the swim team benefits. They are able to participate in experiences that many of them otherwise would not be able to, and they are learning from the fantastic leadership that SwimRVA has to offer. The Rapids coaches have an incredible passion for the sport and providing those skills to kids who are excited about swimming!

The kids who join the Rapids swim team are open to many opportunities within the community, both inside and outside of the Greater Richmond area. Our mission as an organization is that SwimRVA can provide access to more children in Richmond who want to take part in the sport, elevating swimming and making water safety and aquatic fitness accessible to all. That’s why our Drownproof RVA initiative is incredibly important to us. Drowning remains one of the leading causes of death among children, and we aim to change the statistics. Ultimately, we want everyone in the Richmond region to learn how to swim, and our programs reinforce this goal.

By providing a fun environment where kids get to swim for sport, it encourages them to improve upon their swimming technique, which not only will help them in competition and achieve their own personal goals but could also save their lives.

Help us continue our mission by coming out on Giving Tuesday, November 30th. Donate and support the cause, because everyone deserves access to safety, sport, and education.

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