SwimRVA New Year’s Challenge presented by VA Family Dentistry

January 14, 2022 Posted by SwimRVA

Thank you for participating in the 2022 SwimRVA New Year’s Challenge presented by VA Family Dentistry!

The 2022 SwimRVA New Year’s Challenge has come to an end and it was another rousing success for the participating swimmers! This annual event encourages swimmers to start their new year off with an incredible accomplishment, setting themselves up for a successful rest of the year. By setting a personal goal of swimming a certain amount of 100s at a set interval time, swimmers are encouraged to match that goal at the end of the 2-hour event, or even go over it.

This year we had 111 swimmers participate in the New Year’s Challenge. The total 2022 goal was at a high of 561,700 yards, but our swimmers blew that out of the water! This year they swam a total of 699,100 yards, just shy of 400 miles, which is over double what was accomplished in 2021! With this ambitious group, it’s no surprise that the goal for next year far exceeds this, at a whopping 827,100 yards. That’s equivalent to swimming from one end of Los Angeles to the other!

Whether you are a beginner swimmer or a highly experienced athlete, the New Year’s Challenge serves you. Whether it’s after your swim, you are encouraged to set a goal for the following year, providing yourself something to work towards throughout the new year. One participant, Nicki Saunders, managed to far exceed her goals. “I chose 4 minutes (intervals) and the smallest goal of five 100s, and so today I kept pushing and did 15 100’s”

The New Year’s Challenge is a great way to reflect on one’s goals for the upcoming year. At SwimRVA we offer plenty of opportunities to help you achieve this. If you are interested in swimming for next year’s challenge but are not confident in your ability, SwimRVA offers a station-based Swim School for all ages and swimming levels. Already confident in the water but looking for a training program to follow you through the year? The SwimRVA Hammerheads is our Master’s Swimming program which will make sure you are staying on track to reach your swimming goals!

The entire event was filled with an inspiring and encouraging energy, as swimmers interacted with an immense amount of joy and excitement. There’s nothing quite as fulfilling as seeing others complete a goal they set for themselves, and there’s no better way to start a new year. Thank you to everyone who participated in this year’s challenge. We can’t wait to see everything you accomplish throughout the year and during the 2023 New Year’s Challenge!

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