SwimRVA New Year’s Challenge 2023

January 03, 2023 Posted by SwimRVA

The 2023 SwimRVA New Year’s Challenge was a huge success.  Thank you for ACCEPTING THE CHALLENGE!

This year was special.  10 years ago SwimRVA accepted the challenge of ensuring that every single person has access to aquatics.  Your determination, perseverance, and passion has made that possible.  Each year we see more people accepting the challenge.  Each year SwimRVA is motivated by your drive to better yourself through aquatics.  Each year is another spark in our challenge to Drownproof Richmond.  The SwimRVA New Year’s Challenge is a testament to the dedication that lives throughout the Greater Richmond Region to make our community safer, healthier, and more active through aquatics.

As we look at this year’s event, we see a variety of participants.  Some have been coming to this event since it started in 2012.  For some, it was their first time accepting the challenge.  There were teenagers, adults, seniors, elite swimmers, and beginners.  It was also great seeing so many families ending and starting the new year together as they helped each other meet their goals. 76 year-old Geraldine was ready to quit at 15, but made her goal of 20 when her grandson showed up and said “You have to want it.”

The great thing about the SwimRVA New Year’s Challenge is that it is about YOU!  It is about challenging yourself.  It is about goal-setting, camaraderie, pushing the limits, and starting the new year off with a splash.  SwimRVA is ready to accept the challenge for the next 10 years!  Thank you for your motivation.

Check out some AWESOME numbers from this year’s event:

Can we hit half a million yards next year?  What is your goal for 2023?

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