The SwimRVA 10k Challenge Reached New Levels in 2019

April 30, 2019 Posted by SwimRVA


Author: Benjamin Harrell

This year’s SwimRVA 10k Challenge was the most exciting one yet! There were more teams battling it out in the pool at one time than ever before, and even  featured the SwimRVA Rapids rising to the challenge for the first time. Congratulations to the 82 challengers that came out to prove how far they can Swim For It!

What is the SwimRVA 10k

We transform the 50m Olympic pool into a 400m open-water style obstacle course. Challengers complete to finish  to 25 loops of the course for a total of 10,000 meters, hence the SwimRVA 10k!

This year was a challenge for the staff as well. The pool was fitted for the TYR Pro Swim Series from the night before, so staff worked through the night to move, clean, and set everything up just right for the next day’s excitement.

Race Results

Congrats to everyone that accepted the challenge! We can’t wait to see you next year.

Solo Results (1:00pm Start)

1st Place: Alexandra Vanderloo

2nd Place: Tess Andres

3rd Place: Jay Kauffmann

Craig Dunbar

Heather Fairbanks

Allison Mecadon

Pairs (1:04pm Start)

1st Place: Shrimp & Grits (David Gouger, Tony Sawyer)

2nd Place: Williamsburgers (Daniel Ballin, Chris Rouzie)

3rd Place: Double A (Angela Catolico, Alberto Dela Cruz)

SRVA Rapids Results (1:02pm Start)

1st Place: Collin Marks, Aaliyah Hartwill, Cristine Datovech, Tyler Caten

2nd Place: Carrington Green, Brandt Gillette, Aidan Gravitt, Alexander Azzelle, Paul Datovech

3rd Place: Piper Price, Margaret Caten, Emma Medei, Layla Wintsch, Sarah Kang

Emily Williamson, Hannah Sherrill, Ryan DeVires, Maddie Medei, Megan Lane, Caitlyn Lane

Brennon Gilmore, Stephen Dragone, Steve Medei, Nate Tambourine, Bradley Phillip

Emma Kennedy, Annabella Keys, Margot Dodd, Emma Moody, Lucas Lucas

Delany Prescott, Tricia Prescott, Marie Stella, Kaylee Gilmore, Sophia Dugger

Teams Results

1st Place: One50Three (Jay Peluso, Alice Phillips, Roger Hahn)

2nd Place: Time Travelling All Starts (Ryan Dash, Brad Manry, Dana Adkins)

3rd Place: CakeEaters (Emily Sherald, Matthew Myers, Meredith Newcomb, Matthew Kwarta)

UNC Buddiee (Kaitlyn Jones, Holt Dunbar, Hannah Christen, Holyn Radack)

No Worries ( Richard Stauffer, Tatianna Wiegand-Stuart, Michael Mathews, Theresa Huddleston)

The Young and the Rest of Us (Cristina Sweeney, Roslynn Riley, Blair Riley, Sarah McInerney)

That’s a Horrible Idea . . . What Time? (Mary Hassell, Melinda Drumheller, Jeffrey Briggs, Christina Hartman)

Team Blue Wave (Christina Arrington, Obie Arrington, Michael Spinos)

Herd of Turtles (Beth Trebour, Nancy Faux, Angela Poole, Vince Sheehan)

Pookie and Dem (Keith Alston, Shannon Tipton, Shelia Johnson, Howard Price)

Yes We Can!

Photo Gallery

This year’s SwimRVA10k was a complete success! Check out some of the memories made at the event:

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