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May 30, 2019 Posted by SwimRVA

Author: Benjamin Harrell

Station 4 centers around the crawl stroke and other supporting skills for later on in the program. If you’re struggling to complete a certain skill, follow along with the videos below and see how much more you’ll grow when you get back to Swim School!

Rollover Front-to-Back

Rolling over from front-to-back is an important skill to learn in cases where you land in the pool unexpectedly. Flipping onto your back allows you to breathe in air, float more easily, and assess the situation for help or self-rescue.

Finning and Sculling

The Finning and Sculling technique is used for a bunch of other skills in the future; treading water, swimming butterfly, and swimming breaststroke all use elements of finning and sculling.


Side-Glide-Kick is an important transitioning skill to learn. “This is the move that we do when we go into breathing in their freestyle,”- Coach Kris Reinard.

Crawl Armstroke

The crawl armstroke is named because you’re going to literally crawl with your arms, through the water. The crawl stroke eventually turns into the full freestyle swim stroke!

Backwards Bobs

If you’re playing in the water, at some point you’ll find yourself upside down in the water. Practicing backwards bobs will help you learn to blow air out from your nose and prepare for the next breath when you resurface.


The final skill in Station 4, somersaults, is important to learn for building confidence moving in various directions while in the water. For competitive swimmers, this is also a fundamental step in performing a flip-turn.

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