Rapids Water Polo and Artistic Swimming: Giving Tuesday

November 04, 2021 Posted by SwimRVA

SwimRVA recognizes the importance of aquatic sports and all of the physical and mental benefits that they provide. That’s why we not only offer the SwimRVA Rapids Swim Team but also SwimRVA Rapids Water Polo. and SwimRVA Rapids Artistic Swimming. Providing these different options for athletes to choose from allows them to have the engagement that they may otherwise be missing out on. SwimRVA has excellent coaches there to guide them through the sports and to assist them in their own personal development.

The SwimRVA Rapids Water Polo team is open to any young person in the Greater Richmond area, and as the first youth USA Water Polo club in the region, SwimRVA is dedicated to providing access to the sport for those who want to play. Participating in water sports such as Water Polo is not only fun, but it contributes to improving a life-saving skill. Playing Water Polo will improve your child’s skills as a swimmer. The Rapids team teaches endurance, toughness, and hard work to help improve technique, while also teaching positivity and social skills that will encourage them to continue developing as swimmers, teammates, and people.

Similarly, SwimRVA also offers Artistic Swimming as a part of the Rapids program. Artistic Swimming mixes dance, sports, cheerleading, and team-building skills to create an overall gracefully unique experience for those participating, as well as those watching. This sport requires meticulous attention to detail and precise technique. Those who are proficient in Artistic Swimming will improve as swimmers due to the amount of focus that this sport entails.

The Rapids program is integral to SwimRVA’s Drownproof Richmond initiative. Learning through sport is one of the most engaging ways to gain swimming knowledge. Because the swimmers will be focusing so heavily on their goals and performances, the improvement in their bare-bones swimming may not be as apparent to them at first glance. In reality, they are gaining the aquatic education and practice that could potentially save their lives.

To help SwimRVA continue their work in the Greater Richmond area, come out on November 30th for Giving Tuesday and support!

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