Bonding Through Aquatics: The Young Family

July 20, 2022 Posted by SwimRVA

The biggest goal of the SwimRVA Swim School is to successfully teach new swimmers the skills they need to keep themselves safe in the water. Once they complete the seven stations and graduate from swim school, the hope is that those students will have found a love and enjoyment for swimming that they may not have known was there, and then hopefully these students will consider joining other programs that we offer here at SwimRVA. The SwimRVA Rapids are always looking for new and excited swimmers for the swim team, water polo team, and artistic swimming team! So when we have a family that sticks with SwimRVA, we are incredibly grateful for their continued support and participation. The Young family has been with SwimRVA for a while now and their collective growth as a part of the SwimRVA family is so impressive! Trey Young has seen incredible success on the Rapids Swim Team, and his siblings have also showcased their amazing talents! Trey, Niyah, Ari, Aylah, Asher, and Asa have all been stand out members of SwimRVA and we are so honored to be a part of their story.

Trey Young’s mom taught him how to swim at three years old, and ever since then his swimming journey has been nothing but exciting. He is currently a staple on the Rapids Swim Team, even breaking records during swim meets! Trey started swimming summer league at the young age of four, and when he was six he started swimming at the YMCA. He then started year round swimming at eight years old. Then Young family found SwimRVA when a friend of the family sung Coach Jonathan’s praises and told them that he was a great coach to swim under. Susan Young talks a little bit about the moment that they knew SwimRVA was the right choice for them as a family. “We were still deciding on who to swim for when Trey’s father, Floyd Young took Trey to Long Course Age Groups. While there, Floyd overheard Coach Jonathan talking to his swimmers and was extremely impressed with how he encouraged them, built them up, and emphasized teamwork.” After overhearing Coach Jonathan, they came home that night with a decision: Trey would be joining the Rapids Swim Team.

Since becoming a part of the SwimRVA family, Trey has stated that his favorite parts of being on the swim team are challenging himself during the practices, as well as getting to see the amazing friends that he has made along the way. During these practices, Trey has been consistently dropping time, showcasing his hard work and dedication to the sport. He also recognizes just how special it is that his whole family has become so intertwined with SwimRVA. “All of us have made a lot of progress in our swimming since joining SwimRVA. It is fun to see my dad as an official during almost all of our swim meets. He comes home and sometimes tells us crazy stories of the things that happened during the sessions he worked, and we all talk about it and laugh!”

“There are so many great things about swimming at SwimRVA,” stated Susan Young. “Having such a large family, the fact that all of the kids can practice at the same time and the same place is probably the best part.” All of the kids have had some incredible experiences here at SwimRVA. Niyah’s favorite memories are swimming outside with the great friends that she has made here. Ari has a distinct memory of trying out water polo for the first time during one of her practices. Ayla’s favorite times were the cross-over clinics and the Saturday ‘fun practices.’ And Trey’s favorite memory was winning Age Groups in 50 and 100 breast stroke. Seeing the Young family flourish and grow as a part of the SwimRVA family is something that we are incredibly proud to have witnessed, and we hope that everyone continues to accomplish their swimming goals!

SwimRVA truly believes that everyone life can improve with the addition of aquatics. Being able to watch as a family grows as young swimmers all within the same facility provides proof of this. Not only do we believe that swimming can bring people together, we also believe that the individuals’ confidence and abilities grow as they improve. Learning how to swim opens up so many opportunities, whether that be for leisure or athletics. Seeing kids go through the Swim School program, knowing that there are programs such as the Rapids Swim Team as an opportunity waiting for them is incredibly rewarding. Families such as the Young family prove that aquatics can truly bond those who choose to incorporate it into their lives.

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