3 Ways That Joining The Hammerheads Can Benefit Your Swimming Journey

November 15, 2021 Posted by SwimRVA

The SwimRVA Hammerheads is a program for adults coming from all walks of life, and at all skill levels. The program covers everything from stroke techniques to open water interval sessions! Whether you are a long-time triathlete who harbors a passion for swimming, or someone who is just learning how to swim, the SwimRVA Hammerheads program has it all! Here are three ways that the Hammerheads can benefit you in your swimming journey:

Learning To Swim

Many adults feel intimidated and uncomfortable learning how to swim once they are out of childhood because they feel that this is a skill that they should have learned when they were younger. Often, they feel like they would be the only one without the experience and knowledge. This is far from the truth! Many adults never learned how to swim, and the Hammerheads have helped many of them! Not only would you be working with instructors who are incredibly patient and intelligent in what they do, you would also be surrounded by a community of swimmers with various backgrounds. Some have been swimming forever, and others are just starting out. Either way, the community that the Hammerheads builds is strong and exists to build you up as you learn to become a better swimmer.

Athletic Training

The Hammerheads practices are built to cater to what the swimmers need, and that includes training for athletic events! Here at SwimRVA, we are extremely spirited and ecstatic about helping you achieve your goals and find the success that you are capable of. The Hammerheads had all the tools that you need to build your strength and endurance in training athletes. With a community as welcome as this one, you are bound to have a fun and inspiring experience during these practices.

Daily Exercise

It is recommended that adults exercise for at least an hour each day and there are many avenues to complete that hour. Joining the Hammerheads program is the perfect way to guarantee that you will complete your exercise and then some! It can be extremely difficult to stick to an exercise regime, and for those that struggle with this, having a group of people to help keep you accountable can be very beneficial. Not only is it inspiring to see others sticking to a routine, but it also helps create lasting bonds and relationships! Exercise shouldn’t just be an item on the to-do list to check off, it should be an enjoyable experience, something that the Hammerheads program delivers in.

Drownproof Richmond Initiative

The SwimRVA Hammerheads is incredibly important to the Drownproof Richmond Initiative. This initiative is SwimRVA’s goal to teach everyone in Richmond how to swim, saving the laves of many. Making sure that adults feel comfortable learning how to swim and strengthening swimming skills in those who already know the basics assists in decreasing the number of drownings in the Greater Richmond area.

To help SwimRVA continue their work with the Drownproof Initiative, come out on November 30th for Giving Tuesday and support!

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