3 Reasons Why You Should Become A Lifeguard

May 04, 2022 Posted by SwimRVA

With summer quickly approaching, many of you may be looking for employment. Whether you are interested in a job to last you the summer, or if you are looking for a position to launch your career, lifeguarding can be incredibly beneficial for your own personal growth. Working as a lifeguard is a good way to be social, an amazing opportunity to learn the importance of water and outdoor safety, and can help you work your way into an incredible career.

Social Environment

During the summer, many of us are looking to soak up the energy of others around us. What better way to do that than surrounding yourself with the high energy that comes with the water? Being a lifeguard provides you with the opportunity to interact with your community every day. Getting the chance to work with and around children is always a great way to work on your leadership skills, as you are now in a protective position. Lifeguards also tend to grow close to one another as they bond over their shared responsibility and experiences. Whether it be an outdoor pool, indoor pool, or open water, you are sure to find yourself surrounded by people who are excited to be spending their time swimming.

The Importance of Safety

Being a lifeguard is more than just sitting at a pool for hours. Though many people view lifeguarding as simply a fun summer job, which it can be, it also comes with incredible responsibility. When asked to describe her experience as a lifeguard, SwimRVA’s Maia Weaver described why her position holds so much weight and importance. “It is most certainly one of the most responsible jobs a person can hold, as it requires quick decisions and physical fitness. A lifeguard certification comes with special training and the ability to stay calm in an emergency. We are the last best hope for individuals in trouble in the water.”

Professionalizing lifeguarding is something that SwimRVA has been working hard to do, elevating the job as more than just a summer gig that kids can do for fun. Holding this level of responsibility should be taken extremely seriously, not only by the lifeguard themself, but by everyone else.

Workforce Development

Not only can you work your way up in the field by being a lifeguard, but the skills that you learn as a lifeguard can also assist you in a variety of other careers.  The safety training that you learn during the lifeguard certification process is not only beneficial for your job as a lifeguard, but for your life in general. No matter what you end up pursuing, having the knowledge and experience needed to perform these safety precautions will help you stand out from the crowd.

If you do want to stick with lifeguarding, there’s a lot that you can do to make lifeguarding a career, rather than just a summer job. Swim facilities and indoor pools such as SwimRVA need lifeguards all year round, and therefore are always looking for individuals who are interesting in working full time. Throughout your lifeguarding journey, you can also become a lifeguard instructor (LGI), which is an incredibly important job. Providing others with the knowledge and skills necessary to become a lifeguard is a huge responsibility, one that you can work up to as you gain experience in the field.

SwimRVA Safety School

SwimRVA offers safety  training, lifeguarding certification and recertification sessions, lifeguard instructor courses, CPR, First Aid, and more! Because SwimRVA is focused on workforce development, we pay as we train our lifeguards once they get hired by us. Check out the schedule for our courses on the website: https://swimrichmond.org/programs/safety-school/schedule-pricing/

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