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Located in Chesterfield County, SwimRVA serves the Greater Richmond area as a catalyst for regional aquatics and community-wide focus on water safety, health & fitness, sports tourism and competitive swimming.  We offer swimming lessons, water aerobics, aqua running, water polo, CPR & lifeguard certification courses, masters swimming, warm water therapy pool, land fitness classes, and youth triathlon training.

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SwimRVA is proud to be a Make-A-Splash partner.  The USA Swimming Foundation partners with Learn-To-Swim providers nationwide to offset the cost of swimming lessons and educate the community about the importance of learning to swim.  For more information please check out the website: www.usaswimmingfoundation.org/makeasplash


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SwimRVA Safety School Schedule

SwimRVA Safety School schedule through June 2018

SwimRVA offers American Red Cross certification courses every month of the year!  Check out our offerings for Lifeguarding CertificationLifeguarding Review (Re-Certification) and our Community CPR Class!  To register for any of the courses below, give our member services desk a call at 804-271-8271 or register online below.  Classes are open to the public because safety isn't just for our members, it's for everyone.

** For specific inquiries about SwimRVA course offerings, please email Ted Quinn at ted.quinn@swimrichmond.org

Already Enrolled?  Click one of the following - Lifeguard Certification Course or Lifeguard Review Course

Lifeguard Pre-Requisite (Guard Ready) Course Schedule 

The Lifeguard Pre-Requisite (Guard Ready) Course must be completed prior to taking the Lifeguard Certification class.  Our Guard Ready Course is scheduled at multiple points during the year to better fit your schedule.  You can attend either of the Guard Ready courses provided to be eligible for ANY of the lifeguard courses.  There you will be required to:

  • Show proof of age: Must be 15 by last scheduled day of class.
  • Swim 300 yards continuously using the front crawl, breaststroke, or a combination of both. (Swimming on the back or side is not allowed).  *This is the only portion of the class where goggles are allowed*
  • Complete a timed event within 1 minute 40 seconds:
    • Swim 20 yards with your face out of the water. *Goggles not allowed*.
    • Surface dive, feet-first or head-first, to a depth of 7’7” to retrieve a 10-pound dive brick.
    • Return to the surface and swim 20 yards on your back and swim back to the starting point with both hands holding the brick, keeping your face at or near the surface. You should not swim the distance under water. Candidates must exit the water without using a ladder or steps.
      Return to the surface and swim 20 yards on your back and swim back to the starting point with
      both hands holding the brick, keeping your face at or near the surface so you are able to
      get a breath. You should not swim the distance under water. Candidates must exit the water
      without using a ladder or steps.
  • Tread water for 2 minutes using only the legs.
Guard Ready-1   Guard Ready-2   Guard Ready-3
Sun 10/21/2018 4-5 PM Tues 11/6/2018 6-7 PM Tues 11/20/2018 6-7 PM
Guard Ready-4 Guard Ready-5 Guard Ready-6
Thurs 12/6/2018 6-7 PM Thurs 12/13/2018 6-7 PM Mon 2/11/2019 6-7 PM
Guard Ready-7 Guard Ready-8 Guard Ready-9
Mon 2/25/2019 6-7 PM Mon 3/4/2019 6-7 PM Sun 3/18/2019 6-7 PM
Guard Ready-10 Guard Ready-11 Guard Ready-12
Sun 4/8/2019 6-7 PM Sun 4/22/2019 6-7 PM Sun 5/6/2019 6-7 PM
Guard Ready-13 Guard Ready-14 Guard Ready-15
Sun 5/13/2019 6-7 PM Sun 5/20/2019 6-7 PM Sun 5/28/2019 6-7 PM
Guard Ready-16 Guard Ready-17 Guard Ready-18
Sun 6/3/2019 6-7 PM Sun 6/10/2019 6-7 PM Sun 6/17/2019 6-7 PM
Guard Ready-19
Sun 6/24/2019 6-7 PM
CALL 804-271-8271 TO REGISTER


Lifeguard Certification Course Schedule: $235

Must register and attend a Guard Ready class prior to attending this class.  The Lifeguard Certification class is a blended learning course that combines online learning with in-person skills.  Please plan to complete all eLearning modules, including the CPR/AED for Professional Rescuers and First Aid final eLearning exam, at least two days prior to your first in-person skills session.

LG-Session 1 Fri 10/26/2018 5-9 PM
Sat 10/27/2018 9-6 PM
Sun 10/28/2018 9-6 PM
LG-Session 2 Fri 11/23/2018 2-6 PM
Sat 11/24/2018 9-6 PM
Sun 11/25/2018 9-6 PM
LG-Session 3 Thurs 12/27/2018 2-6 PM
Fri 12/28/2018 9-6 PM
Sat 12/29/2018 9-6 PM
LG-Session 4 Mon 3/11/2019 2-6 PM
Tues 3/12/2019 9-6 PM
Wed 3/13/2019 9-6 PM
LG-Session 5 Tues 4/2/2019 2-6 PM
Wed 4/3/2019 9-6 PM
Thurs 4/4/2019 9-6 PM
LG-Session 6 Fri 4/26/2019 5-9 PM
Sat 4/27/2019 9-6 PM
Sun 4/28/2019 9-6 PM
LG-Session 7 Fri 5/10/2019 5-9 PM
Sat 5/11/2019 9-6 PM
Sun 5/12/2019 9-6 PM
LG-Session 8 Mon 6/3/2019 2-6 PM
Tues 6/4/2019 9-6 PM
Wed 6/5/2019 9-6 PM
LG-Session 9 Sat 6/15/2019 5-9 PM
Sun 6/16/2019 9-6 PM
Mon 6/17/2019 9-6 PM
LG-Session 10 Tues 6/18/2019 5-9 PM
Wed 6/19/2019 9-6 PM
Thurs 6/20/2019 9-6 PM
LG-Session 11 Wed 6/26/2019 2-6 PM
Thurs 6/27/2019 9-6 PM
Fri 6/28/2019 9-6 PM
CALL 804-271-8271 TO REGISTER


Lifeguard Re-Certification and Review Course Schedule: $150

Must have a current certification or your certification is no more than 30 days expired.  Guard-Ready not necessary to participate in this class.

LG Review-1 Fri 12/21/2018 9-3 PM
Sat 12/22/2018 9-3 PM
LG Review-2 Sat 3/9/2019 9-3 PM
Sun 3/10/2019 9-3 PM
LG Review-3 Sat 4/6/2019 9-3 PM
Sun 4/7/2019 9-3 PM
LG Review-4 Mon 5/20/2019 5-9 PM
Tues 5/21/2019 5-9 PM
Wed 5/22/2019 5-9 PM
LG Review-5 Wed 6/12/2019 5-9 PM
Thurs 6/13/2019 5-9 PM
Fri 6/14/2019 5-9 PM
CALL 804-271-8271 TO REGISTER

Lifeguard Instructor Course Schedule: $350

Must be at least 17 years old.  Must have current lifeguard certification. Must attend a Guard-Ready class prior to course date to demonstrate skill proficiency.  

LGI-1 Fri 10/26/2018 9-6 PM
Sat 10/27/2018 9-6 PM
Sun 10/28/2018 9-6 PM
LGI-2 Mon 12/3/2018 9-6 PM
Tues 12/4/2018 9-6 PM
Wed 12/5/2018 9-6 PM
LGI-3 Mon 2/4/2019 9-6 PM
Tues 2/5/2019 9-6 PM
Wed 2/6/2019 9-6 PM
LGI-4 Mon 3/4/2019 9-6 PM
Tues 3/5/2019 9-6 PM
Wed 3/6/2019 9-6 PM
LGI-5 Tues 4/2/2019 9-6 PM
Wed 4/3/2019 9-6 PM
Thurs 4/4/2019 9-6 PM
CALL 804-271-8271 TO REGISTER


Oxygen Administration Course Schedule: $50

Oxygen Course-1 Fri 10/26/2018 6-7:30 PM
Oxygen Course-2 Mon 12/3/2018 6-7:30 PM
Oxygen Course-3 Mon 2/4/2019 6-7:30 PM
Oxygen Course-4 Tues 3/5/2019 6-7:30 PM
Oxygen Course-5 Tues 5/7/2019 6-7:30 PM
CALL 804-271-8271 TO REGISTER


Lifeguard Instructor Update: $75

This is the in-water update class to maintain RedCross Lifeguard Instructor Certification



Adult/Pediatric Emergency First Aid, AED and CPR Training and Certification:  $65

*BLENDED LEARNING* Learn at your own pace then come to one of our 90-minute check-off sessions to complete your certification