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CSAC is home to Poseidon Swimming.  Poseidon believes in developing each swimmer to be the best he or she can be while striving for personal development through individual excellence in a fun, motivating, team environment.

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Located conveniently in Chesterfield County, CSAC serves the Greater Richmond area as a catalyst for regional aquatics and community-wide focus on water safety, health & fitness, sports trouism and competitive swimming.  We offer a wide array of programs and features including swimming lessons, group swim classes, water aerobics, pool membership packages, water polo, CPR classes, lifeguard training, masters swimming, warm water therapy lessons, land fitness classes, and youth triathlon training.

About GRAP



The Collegiate School Aquatics Center is a state-of-the art indoor aquatics center in Chesterfield County, Virginia whose mission is to provide swimming lessons and pool memberships for children and families in the Richmond area. Opening in the spring of 2012, our premier facility houses:

Competition Pool

  • A 50-meter, 8-lane competition pool with movable bulkheads.  This pool was used in the 2008 Olympic trials in Omaha, Nebraska.  Twenty one American records and nine world records were set in our pool!  At 7'7" and 81 degrees, this spectacular competition pool is the only 50-meter pool in Central Virginia and one of the finest along the East Coast!

Instructional/Group Exercise Pool

  • A 25-yard, 6-lane multi-purpose pool.  This instuctional pool stays at a comfortable 84 degrees and is home to swim lessons, our Learn-to-Swim program, Aquacise, Aqua Zumba, Special Olympics practices, and Discover Scuba courses.

Therapy Pool

  • The beautiful Hydroworx pool which provides warm water therapy stays at a relaxing 91 degrees.  It is fully equipped with a handicap accessible lift, stabilizing sideboards, and two under water treadmills with a fully incorporated video system for development purposes.  This pool is great for rehabilitation, arthritic joints, aching bones and more.  

Mezzanine-Spectator Seating/Relax Station

  • There is seating in the competition pool area for 700 spectators.  These bleachers were designed so everyone has a great view.  Not interested in what's going on in the pool?...Watch your favorite channel on one of our five 36" high definition TV's. 

Community Room

  • A huge multi-purpose community room is used primarily for land fitness and active older adult classes including Zumba, lie dancing, core training, yoga, Cario Burn, and Zumba Lite.  It can also be transformed in the perfect room for meetings or birthday parties or used during swim meets as a common room, vendor area, or cafeteria.  

Workout Room

  • The fitness and exercise room located adjacent to the competition pool is the perfect place to stretch before your swim or get a good workout if you don't have the time for the gym.  It is fully equipped with free weights, dumb bells, medicine balls, exercise balls, suspension training straps, and several upper body machines. 
  • Our locker rooms come with the full package.  We offer lockers, showers, bathing suit dryers, bathrooms, sinks and mirrors.
  • A welcoming front lobby with wonderful staff to greet you on your way in!  The entire facility comes with free WiFi!  We have several snack and drink machines and a common area with table and chairs!